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When I was a wee lad my father brought home a computer one day. It was much sleeker than almost everything out there and the claims on the side of the box were almost too good to be true. 4096 colors! A sound processor! A mouse!

Arduino Code on a ATtiny Chip

I'm looking forward to trying this. A low-cost option for an Arduino board is exactly what I've been looking for. I built the electronics for a robot costume for my son for Halloween, and while it turned out great, I need to pull the Arduino out to use in other projects.

Kodak - 31st Nuclear Power

It turns out Kodak had a secret underground nuclear reactor in its headquarters that contained 3.5 pounds of highly enriched uranium. The existence of this reactor was kept secret from state and local authorities for years and the reactor was finally dismantled in 2006.

Kodak used it to check chemicals and other materials for impurities, Filo said. It also was used for tests related to neutron radiography, an imaging technique.


I've been surprisingly pleased with DuckDuckGo. For nearly a decade I've used nothing other than Google. Their results were far beyond anything at the time, but with the recent privacy shenanigans it's time to separate my digital life into discrete chunks. There's no reason why my web browsing, my email service and my searches need to all be funneled into the same company, especially if they're going to be only showing me chunks of results that they think are relevant to me. Let me decide for myself.