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November Fourth

Since Adrian was born, I tend to think about most things not in their relation to me, but in what they will mean to him and what his perception of them will be. Rather than being freighted with years of personal experience the weight of history, he's starting from nothing, and will build up his worldview based initially on our perceptions and then only later, his own.

McCain's Long Shot

At this point McCain seems to be pulling out of Colorado, Iowa and New Mexico and hoping that he can win the presidency by winning Pennsylvania. For this to work he'd have to win Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Nevada, all of which he is behind in, and also win Pennsylvania.

If he wins Pennsylvania then he could have a shot, but look at the latest numbers:

Some thoughts on Palin

In August McCain was on track to lose the race, and to lose it rather badly. Obama was picking up steam and with the conventions on the horizon, McCain couldn't depend on gradually coming from behind. He had to do something to shake up the race and to grab every bit of press coverage over the upcoming news cycles, so he did what he always does when he gets himself into a corner; he did something rash.

Debate Liveblog

09:03 -- McCain actually looks pretty good. He's much less tense than he's been over the last two weeks.

09:04 -- Financial bailout question with Obama going first. He's so good at talking directly to the camera. He looks concerned and serious, but eager to solve the problem. He could look upwards a bit more, though.

09:06 -- Ooh, good hit against Bush and McCain without seeming petty.