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Feingold, FTW!

I don't know what they've been putting in the water up on Capitol Hill. The entire Democratic party has been showing a lot more spine these days. They've been taking actual positions on things. Opinions have been shown. Lines drawn in the sand.

And no one has been showing more steely resolve than Wisconsin's Russ Feingold. Check out his opening statement from Tuesday.


Let the 2001 Jokes Commence!

Seagate is releasing a new device in the summer called "DAVE" (Digital Audio Video Experience). The concept is deliciously simple: it's a dinky little portable hard drive that you can slip into your pocket. It uses a 1.8 inch drive, so it's bite-sized, and it has a shiny little case, so it's sexy.


So the Great Redesign has reached a temporary stopping point. This site is really designed to be my home on the web, with links to my various projects, pictures, and personas. will continue to be my photo site, although that may get migrated to a shiny new domain at some point.