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So the Great Redesign has reached a temporary stopping point. This site is really designed to be my home on the web, with links to my various projects, pictures, and personas. will continue to be my photo site, although that may get migrated to a shiny new domain at some point.

I'm using Blogger to manage this redesigned site. It's quite a change for me, since I've managed most of my sites either using code I've written myself or code that others have written, but which resides on my own servers. The primary cause of this shift is that I'm just sick sick sick of comment spam. It's the only thing that has made Movable Type unpleasant to work with. I've tried all the remedies. I've applied all the patches. I've spent more time on it than I'm willing to admit, and I'm just ready for something that will work, with no configuration, and without any fiddling. For now, that's Blogger.

This site was mostly designed in Photoshop, the header is from a picture that I took in France, and the backend was written using Emacs. If you're not using Emacs then you're missing out.