Chipmunk Propaganda Module


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We went up to Boston a couple of weeks ago to see friends and family, and were confronted with a ravening horde of nature's fiercest rodents: the chipmunks. We witnessed first-hand their cunning maneuvers intended to distract us from their true purpose, namely the devouring of babies, and kept them from their goal only through planning and ingenuity and a little bit of luck.

Now, it has become clear that their intention is not only to eat our young, but to corrupt our very being through the use of the Chipmunk Propaganda Module. As you can see from the picture, this one small box can deliver enough chipmunk-laced programming to convince the skeptical, red-blooded American that chipmunks are harmless beasts worthy of our admiration and the occasional treat.

Do not be fooled! Their hunger knows no bounds! Their swift, sure paws are instruments of deception!

Soon available at a Best Buy near you.