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Adrian has been turning over from back to front, and vice versa, for some time now, although once he gets up onto his hands and knees he seems stuck. He'll turn over, look pleased with himself, and then start wailing. It seems like he knows there's supposed to be something more, but he can't quite figure out the next step.

He's even gotten good at getting up on his hands and knees, rolling to one side, and then getting back up, resulting in a series of 90 degree turns. He can also make a bit of sideways progress, and he'll use that to get close to something he really really wants, like his blocks or the cats.

Well, last night everything changed. I was playing with him on the floor and put one of his blocks well out of his reach. Without really thinking about it he picked up one hand fully off the floor, (which he's never done before) and crawled two steps (crawls?) toward the blocks!

This doesn't mean he's zooming around the house yet. He's still pretty preoccupied with his ongoing constipation, and probably isn't able to process the fact that he has access to a brand new transportation method.