Fish - My Favorite New Shell


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I settled into bash back in college, and I rarely think about it. It quickly became my default option once I spent most of my time in a Unix environment, and was one of the primary reasons why I switched from using Windows to OS X long long ago.

I'm not really what you'd call a power user of bash. I have a bunch of aliases that I like to set up on a new machine. I know a lot of the standard commands and configs. It's not like I typically write a lot of bash scripts, though, and when I need to I'm always looking up tutorials and references to do what I need to do.

So I was listening to The Talk Show and they were talking about some of the features in Fish. The more useful approach to auto-complete was enough to get me to at least try it, and so I have. Installation was a breeze thanks to homebrew, and I was up and running in a few minutes.

I'm still making up my mind on whether or not this is a permanent switch, but I'm pretty sure this is my new shell. The one downside is that it now makes my working environments inconsistent. I'm on MacOS at work and at home, but I spend a fair amount of time SSHed into machines that I can't just install new shells on. I always favor consistency over features, but I might make an exception in this case.

If you spend most of your time in a shell then you should check out Fish. You might just love it too. As an extra bonus, check out this video.