FrontRow and Codecs


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I love FrontRow with a deep, abiding passion. It's the first 10-foot interface I've used that gives you access to all your media in an easy-to-use way, and in comparison to other applications like that that I've used, well... there's really no comparison.

The only thing that makes it frustrating is that a lot of video that you find out there is encoded using some oddball codec or other that Quicktime doesn't recognize, and if Quicktime can't play it, then FrontRow can't handle it.

In some cases, if you have a lot of videos that aren't encoded using an installed codec, then FrontRow will either slow down tremendously as it tries to build a preview, freeze when you try and play a video, or it just seizes up entirely when you access a folder that has an offending video in it.

But, there's a fix for this, as you might imagine. Install Perian and all your problems will melt away. As a bonus, Perian also has the easiest install process of any codec I've seen. Just double-click on the preference pane, it opens up System Preferences, and installs the relevant components. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.