Fusion, Humpbacks and Bad Owners


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There are a lot of possible ways to create a fusion reaction, but muon-catalyzed fusion is one I didn't even know existed before today. The essential idea is that if you replace some electrons in hydrogen isotopes with muons, then you allow two atoms to get closer than they would otherwise, maybe even so close that the strong force is able to dominate and allow the two atoms to fuse. Neat idea, but lots of problems with it.

There's a lot we don't know about humpback whales, but we now know a few new things. For the first time the mating battles between rival humpback whale males has been filmed. Make sure you scroll down the page for the "making of" video. Free diving in a pod of 40 ton whales? Puts my average day to shame.

If you're going to be a jackass, it's best not to be a jackass in email. At some point one of your employees is going to send your tirade to a popular NYC-centric blog and expose your jackassery to the whole world. I'd quote from the email, but there's more profanity than I feel comfortable cutting and pasting.