The Giving Tree


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I try to read a lot of different types of books to Adrian, and since if I can't read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" again without sacrificing my sanity, I've decided to take some of the more advanced children's books down from the shelf for our nightly reading.

Last night, it was The Giving Tree that I chose. Now, I've read the classic Shel, but moved onto other things right about the time I started picking out my own underwear.

Somehow The Giving Tree never made it onto my reading list, and I was entirely unfamiliar with it up until last night. (SPOILERS) It's a story about a boy and a tree and their relationship over the years.

Hilary was curious about my reaction to it since lots and lots of people feel that their relationship is, shall we say, unbalanced. The book closes with the tree having given everything to the boy (who is by now a very very old man) to the point that it's just a stump. The old man sits down on the stump for a rest, and, we assume, to finally pass away.

I think the tree was just biding its time, since the old man will probably be excellent fertilizer.