Newman Wins


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I love me some figs.

This is a pretty recent phenomena, though. I used to be scared of figs in the raw. The chewy skin and the flesh-like texture repulsed me. I'd eat liverwurst before I'd eat a plain fig, which, maybe isn't really that remarkable since I've loved liverwurst and it's more attractively described cousin braunschweiger for most of my life.

But, right, figs.

For years I only enjoyed figs in their newton form, and only because I didn't consciously make the connection that maybe Fig Newtons had some figs in them. Making yet another connection to liverwurst: it also took me several years before I suspected that liverwurst contained liver.

Even the word is strange. "Figs."

It sounds like something that you wouldn't really want to eat. The sound of the word makes me think of mushrooms and pine forests.

So, but I've really learned to love a raw, dried fig over the last couple of years. It's a healthy snack that satisfies a craving for sweetness, but without really leaving you hungry for more. Raw figs, too, have become a treasured, but rarer part of my diet. Usually only eaten at restaurants that have the nerve to serve a raw fig, maybe drizzled in honey, maybe just sliced in quarters, for several dollars. The lack of value doesn't make me any less likely to buy them, though.

Tonight, though, I've come full circle. I opened up a pack of Fig Newman's (low fat, no less) as an after-dinner treat. They're definitely the best fig I've ever had in newton form, and probably the best fig-based food ever. They're figgier that your regular newtons, and the fig tastes much more like an actual fig.