November Fourth


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Since Adrian was born, I tend to think about most things not in their relation to me, but in what they will mean to him and what his perception of them will be. Rather than being freighted with years of personal experience the weight of history, he's starting from nothing, and will build up his worldview based initially on our perceptions and then only later, his own.

I've been thinking about this election a lot, and how he'll look back on it. He's going to grow up in a world where the thought that anyone can be president isn't just a trope, it's reality. It won't matter to his generation what their background is, they'll have proof that anyone can become president, because they'll have the proof in the news every day.

Not coming from a political dynasty, Barack Obama is living proof that anyone of my son's generation can become president, that we can all make a difference if we have the drive, the discipline and the will.

My son really is going to grow up in a different world than the one I grew up in, and it's absolutely wonderful.