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You know how often, if you're me, you'll be on the precipice of a Life Changing Event and you'll tell yourself that when that L.C.E. happens you'll never start doing some particular thing that those who have gone through that L.C.E. do.

The thing is, usually there's a reason that the L.C.E.-ers do the things they do, and just because you're self-aware doesn't mean you're immune from the pressures of the L.C.E.

In this case, I'm talking about poop.

It seems that parents are often strangely proud of the spoor of their progeny. They exclaim over a particularly large emission, praising their child, and themselves, indirectly. It seems... strange.

Or at least it seemed.

It turns out there's a reason for this preoccupation. The newborn's excrement moves through various stages in the first few days after birth.

It starts out as black, tarry substance called meconium which is made up of all the things the fetus has swallowed in utero. By the second day it gets progressively greener and stringier. Bt the third day it's usually brown, and by the fourth or fifth day it's yellow and seedy, since it's almost entirely digested milk.

The obsession over frequency and size is because it shows that the breastfeeding is actually working, there's enough milk being produced to fully feed the infant, and all the digestive processes are properly working.