Tron - Internal Narrative WTF?


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The new Tron Legacy trailer looks terrific. The graphics are incredible, we get to see old characters in a new setting, and there are mysterious things happening. That's a recipe for success. But what I want to know is why do we see Sam pull out a Tron game (at :45 in)? What is a Tron game doing in a Tron movie? What happens in this game? Was it, itself, about a Tron movie that was embedded in the Tron movie we're watching? Are the events of the Tron movie in the Tron world considered to be real? Did Flynn create the game (and possibly the movie) based on his experience? Is the embedded Tron movie in some way autobiographical in the context of the film? I'm sure the filmmakers included the game at least partly because it was such a mainstay of arcades in the early 80s, but it sure opens a bucket of narrative worms. They should have just called the video game "Light Cycles" or something, because it sure puts the internal narrative of the movie on shaky ground.