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Canadian cracks NYT paywall during his lunch break

An enterprising programmer donated his lunch break and put together a workaround to the new New York Times paywall.
"It’s just an iron rule of nerd-dom, if you put an interesting looking wall in front of us, we’ll try to get around it.”
If your business model can be broken by a programmer with 30 minutes to spend then you didn't really have a business model to start with.

Modular Robots

When I was a kid I grew up surrounded by Legos. I spent hours rooting through boxes searching for the perfect pieces to make the array of spaceships and cars that occupied my younger years. At one point one of my friends got a Capsela set and my interest was peaked. There seemed to be a world of possibilities with those little spheres. I think it was the modularity that I loved so much.

Love of Cheese: Explained?

Ever wonder why you love cheese so much? I do. Or rather, I did, until I read this fairly fact-free article on what cheese contains:
In 1981, Eli Hazum and his colleagues at Wellcome Research Laboratories reported traces of the chemical morphine, a highly addictive opiate. It turns out that morphine is found in cow milk and human, purportedly to ensure offspring will bond very strongly with their mothers and get all the nutrients they need to grow.

True Grit

The Coen brothers' next film is a remake of True Grit. It's just a teaser, but based on the teaser this is going to be my new favorite film.