I love my Billykirk cuffs and I was pleased as punch to find this movie about the brothers Bray and how they live and work.

Letters of Note: You don’t understand "ordinary people"

I never realized that Stephen Wolfram and Richard Feynman had any contact, and this letter confirms many suspicions I've had about Wolfram's research into cellular automata.
"It is not my opinion that the present organizational structure of science inhibits 'complexity research' - I do not believe such an institution is necessary." ....

Deer, Grapefruit and Ricky Jay

This is a new format for me. For the next week or so I'm going to keep track of what I find on the web that really tweaks my noodle and I'm going to post about it. I guess that's what a weblog is supposed to be - a log of your web browsing - but in the past I've always tried to turn it (unsuccessfully) into a place for long form essays.

A Plea To Jet Blue

Sure, you're the scrappy upstart that wants to unseat the top-heavy behemoths who can't seem to run a viable business without government bailouts and tax breaks. And who could hate your cute retro ads that evoke a simpler, cooler time? But when you left us stranded in Atlantic City for 4 hours I vowed to never sit in your relatively comfortable leather seats again, and I meant it.

The iPhone, Apps, and Mobile Blogging

I really loved my lost E71 but the iPhone is turning out to be a pretty incredible device. The battery life could be better and I sometimes miss running applications in the background, but I'm really loving it.

The vast array of applications is something you just can't get in S60. Yes, you can get your basic needs met, but Nokia and the Symbian Foundation just haven't put together an offering that's as compelling as what you get with the iPhone SDK.

Specter Thoughts

Arlan Specter surprised everyone yesterday by announcing that he was switching to the Democratic party. This was received with much happiness by most Democrats, and gave Michael Steele a chance to prove once again that he never should have even been considered for the RNC Chair position.