Brain Crack

Merlin points out one of the great The Show episodes and I liked it so much I decided to embed it here:

Ze is absolutely right. If you don't ever follow through on your ideas then you'll never have to take a risk on failing and you can swaddle yourself in the comfort of the idea without ever doing the work to execute it.


I've been reading more. A lot more.

I've always been a reader. Whenever we move we end up carting along huge numbers of boxes filled with books. Our apartment has multiple bookcases including one Expedit that has books stacked two and three levels deep.

Word Cloud

Word clouds have been popping up after every major speech and debate for the past couple of years. They're a great way of displaying word frequency in a beautiful way. I made one today that exposes the real truth about one of the most common blocks of text ever.

Black Hole Simulation

I love looking at beautiful astronomy pictures, but it's often easy to forget what violent and alien landscapes they depict. Black holes were only conceived of in the middle of the last century, and were only a thought experiment until even more recently. They're such an interesting class of objects that they have been featured in every story or movie that could be tangentially related to, and that ubiquitousness has bred familiarity.